About Our Staff

The MNCPA employee roster includes more than 25 talented individuals. About half of our staff works directly on planning CPE and member programs. Behind the scenes, our graphic designer, magazine editor, tech guru, Web site programmer, staff accountant, lobbyist, receptionist and others keep the MNCPA running smoothly.

MNCPA at work and at play

On a busy day, staff answer more than 150 phone calls from members and customers.

The average staff member commutes 13 miles to our Bloomington office. One unfortunate staff member commutes 42.1 miles each way, while two others have an enviable 2 mile commute.

52% of staffers admit to having Googled a co-worker.

Eleven staffers wish Star Trek was still airing original episodes. Five take it a step further and own some type of Star Trek gear.

Twelve staffers have played Rock Band. The MNCPA staff rock band would consist of 2 vocalists, 8 drummers, 1 guitarist, 1 bass player and terrible cacophony.

52% of staffers have bowled over 100 at a staff bowling outing.

MNCPA staffers have a total of 5 tattoos and 7 piercings (other than ears).

Breakroom treats are a fact of life at the MNCPA. 21 staffers have at some point resolved to stop eating the treats. 19 later broke that resolution. We don't know who to be more amazed by: the 9 who never made this resolution, or the 2 who kept it.

All things accounting

One MNCPA staff member is a CPA. Four staffers majored in accounting, while 14 have taken at least one accounting course.

55% of staff do their own taxes. We trust that the others use a CPA.

Seven staff members have dated a CPA, while 1 is actually married to one. We didn't ask how many staff would like to date a CPA.

Altogether, MNCPA staff have 36 children. Two of them are taking the exam to become a CPA.

Eight staff members have a CPA in their extended family, including a sister, brother, cousin, sister-in-law, and step-grandmother.

Twenty-three say the acronym for International Financial Reporting Standards as "I-F-R-S," the preferred AICPA pronunciation. Five rebel by saying it "eye-fers". Two staffers responded simply with "Huh?"

Great debates

We pitted our staff against each other in some classic debates.

Is it called soda or pop?
Soda 7
Pop 17
Either one 3
Other 3

Note: one staff member commented "I use no word for this."
Duck, duck...
Gray duck 21
Goose 8
Didn't play 1
Coke or Pepsi?
Coke 21
Pepsi 7
Both 1
Neither 1
Beatles or Stones?
Beatles 18
Stones 10
Both 2
Almond Joy or Mounds? Some MNCPA staffers feel like a nut, some don't.
Almond Joy 12
Mounds 10
Neither 8
Vikings or Packers?
Vikings 23
Packers 5
Neither 2
Morning person or night owl?
Morning person 15
Night owl 12
Both 1
Neither 2
Cat or dog person?
Cat person 10
Dog person 13
Both 7
Right or left handed? Only 5 staffers are in their right minds.
Right handed 25
Left handed 3
Ambidextrous 2

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