Temporary Work Program

If you need temporary assistance or are looking for temporary work, try the MNCPA Temporary Work Program. Whether needed for tax season or a special accounting project, this service can be the link between employers and individuals.


  • Describe the position you need to fill
  • Listing is free for firms with at least one MNCPA member
  • Your description is searchable by more than 8,500 MNCPA members
  • View members who have indicated an interest in temporary work

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  • List yourself as available for temporary work
  • Posting will include your contact information, skill sets, and availability
  • View temporary help wanted ads

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Getting access

MNCPA members, log in to gain access to the Temporary Work directory. Firm administrators, log in here.

Not a member? Consider joining the MNCPA for additional career services, such as priority viewing of new employment classified ads and free accounting career advice from recruiter Amy Langer.

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