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JAN. 26, 2018
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CPA Day at the Capitol is your opportunity to join MNCPA members and carry a unified message to legislators and legislative leaders. Many issues will be debated that affect the CPA profession, including a proposal to tax professional services and federal conformity.

Help shape the discussion and debate by sharing your perspectives and expertise. Lawmakers are relying on you.

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MNCPA board approves 2018 MNCPA legislative agenda

The MNCPA 2018 legislative agenda includes several issues that have been identified prior to the start of session. Other issues may be added based on what happens after the sessions starts. If past years are an indication of what will come in 2018, there will certainly be a couple unexpected issues that arise.

The MNCPA 2018 legislative agenda includes:
  • Opposition to a proposed tax on professional (accounting) services
  • Support for changes to the taxpayer's bill of rights (including the creation of a Department of Revenue private letter ruling program)
  • Support for tort law changes favorable to the CPA profession
  • Support for tax conformity
Learn more about the issues
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Contacting your legislators

The 2018 legislative session begins in about three weeks. Legislators have until May 21 to address priorities and pass legislation. In addition, 2018 is an election year, which will certainly affect the debate. The Minnesota House, two U.S. Senate seats, eight U.S. House seats and all constitutional offices (including an open governor's race) are on the November ballot. These elections, along with other outside influences, will shape changes to public policy.

Have you contacted your legislator to let them know how proposals would affect taxpayers or your practice? Legislators value input from CPAs, but you need to reach out.

If you haven't yet, contact your Minnesota senator and representative, and introduce yourself before they begin the session on Feb. 20.
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Legislators, MNCPA seek input for possible tax law changes

Legislators and the MNCPA want to hear from you with regard to federal tax conformity. Join us from 7:30 - 9 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 13, at the MNCPA offices (1650 W. 82nd St., Bloomington) to discuss the issue, which will be conveyed to legislators throughout the session. Breakfast is provided at the event.

Register by contacting Judy Cochran at or 952-885-5501.
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Legislative auditor's special review: Office of the State Auditor

Last session, lawmakers directed the Office of the Legislative Auditor to conduct a special review of how county audits are performed by the state auditor's office, and look into concerns raised about how the state auditor gathered information for a 2017 public report on county audits performed by CPA firms. The legislative auditor's special review was released last week.

The legislative auditor found that the state auditor's office didn't thoroughly support its findings when reviewing county audits performed by CPA firms. Additionally, the state auditor didn't follow the standard due process and professional courtesy that is normally practiced in the audit industry. The MNCPA released a statement shortly after the review was released, stating that the legislative auditor's findings were consistent with the concerns we raised in our initial letter to the state auditor.

The Office of the Legislative Auditor is a professional, nonpartisan audit and evaluation office within Minnesota's legislative branch. Reports and reviews completed by the legislative auditor are meant to strengthen accountability in government.

Read the legislative auditor's special review (PDF)

See the MNCPA's statement
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MNCPA Tax Guide for Legislators

Legislators often are faced with unique tax laws that apply to their role as a legislator. Each year, the MNCPA prepares the Tax Guide for Legislators to provide guidance with these issues.

Each member of the Legislature has received an email letting them know the 2018 version is available. An easy way for you to connect with your legislators is to send them a short email reminding them that the guide is available, and offering to be a resource for questions they may have during the 2018 legislative session.

View the guide
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