Plus, how to be a leader at work - when you're not the boss.
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Get involved in the YPG Captains Program
YPG Captain Program
Deadline: April 20

Young Professionals Group (YPG) Captains spread the word about YPG programs and events, encourage colleagues to participate and collect points toward great prizes along the way. It's a great way to build valuable leadership skills and make lasting connections.
Military Tax Prep Volunteers needed
Military Tax Prep Volunteers
Sign up by Feb. 2

Serve those who have served our country by participating in our Military Tax Assistance program.
Student Conference Task Force
Student Conference Task Force

The annual Accounting & Auditing Student Conference serves as a one-stop networking shop for students looking for accounting jobs and career advice. Help impact the future of the profession by organizing this beneficial event. Sign up by contacting Tabitha McDonald at
"First, you have to be visible in the community. You have to get out there and connect with people. It's not called net-sitting or net-eating. It's called networking.
You have to work at it."

- Ivan Misner, Founder and chairman of BNI
4 ways to make people feel confident to refer you
Getting referrals from your network involves a lot of trust from your connections. Trust is not something that just happens -- it's something that's built over time. How do you do that?
How to manage time and prioritize work
There never seems to be enough time in the day once busy season arrives, following these tips can help you make the most of your hours and stay on track when it comes to your projects.
Real talk: Is it OK to take a sick day when you're not sick?
The Muse
Well, is it? Depending on the situation, it could be. Reach that ultimate call-in decision with a little guidance.
How to be a leader at work -- when you're not the boss
One of the traits your boss looks for as they consider giving you more responsibility is how you act as a leader. There's a fine line to walk between embracing a leadership role and stomping on toes.
Why you should disagree at work more
Harvard Business Review
Minnesota Nice is a real thing -- we hate confrontation. Agreeing to disagree respectfully and continuing the conversation can ultimately lead to a better outcome for everyone in the work environment.
Overcome your fear of failure in 2018
To fulfill our goals in life, sometimes we need to get WAY out of our comfort zone and confront things head on. It can be terrifying, in the end, it's worth it.
What is a corrupted file, and is there a way to get it back?
How-to Geek
While wrapping up the last pieces of a project, this horrible message pops up on your screen: "XYZ program could not open SUPERIMPORTANTFILE.ext because it's not supported or damaged." What do you do next, besides panic?
* Trivia Challenge
The smallest wild cat in the world calls Sri Lanka and India home. With a 60 percent prey kill rate, they're only about 8-inches tall, and up to 11-inches long. That's smaller than your desktop keyboard! What is the name of this cat?
A. Little leopard
B. Rusty-spotted cat
C. Weasel cat
D. Hedgecat
Want to know the answer? Look for the asterisk * at the bottom of the newsletter.
Upcoming Event
CPA Day at the Capitol
March 7 | 8 a.m. - noon | St. Paul | 3 CPE credits | Free for members

Capitol Drawing Make 2018 your year to speak up.

CPA Day at the Capitol is your opportunity to join MNCPA members and carry a unified message to legislators and legislative leaders. Many issues will be debated that affect the CPA profession, including a proposal to tax professional services and federal conformity.

Help shape the discussion and debate by sharing your perspectives and expertise. Lawmakers are relying on you.

Attend CPA Day at the Capitol
We want your opinion on YPG
We want YOUR opinion on YPG
Looking for a volunteer opportunity and short on time? Join the YPG focus group. All it takes is a couple minutes of your time answering 10 short email surveys each year to give us direction on what you'd like to see from the program. To sign up, or for further information, contact Avery Cropp at
Leadership Academy
MNCPA Leadership Academy
You got this.
Be the confident, capable leader you know you can be. At the Leadership Academy, sharpen your skills in strategic thinking, people development, innovation and communication so you can excel in leadership roles and advance your career.

Learn more about the Leadership Academy
Photo Reel: Shaking up staff training
We shook up staff training this month with some minute-to-win-it games. The 42 class attendees competed to be crowned their table's champion and receive a Caribou Coffee gift card.
See more staff training photos
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CPE for Young Professionals
The Eight-Hour MBA: Key Concepts of Performance Management
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. | Bloomington | 8 CPE
The Eight-Hour MBA: Key Concepts of Powerful Communication
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. | Bloomington | 8 CPE
Fraud Update: Detecting and Preventing the Top 10 Fraud Schemes
AICPA member discount
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. | Bloomington | 8 CPE
Search CPE catalog
*Trivia Challenge Answer: B. Rusty-spotted cat

Got a couple minutes and need a break? Check out this video from the BBC on this cat. Soothing British-adventurer accent included.
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