Plus, is working hard ruining our productivity?
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MARCH 13, 2018
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5 steps to prevent complex inventory frauds
Financial Management
Manufacturers beware: Inventory theft is second only to billing schemes on the list of most common types of fraud. Do you know what's coming and going from your warehouse?
Workers will spend HOW LONG watching March Madness?!?
Survive and advance. It's not just the game plan for the 68 teams playing in this year's NCAA tournament. It's also the goal of employees looking to keep their brackets alive for one more day. Morale booster or time waster? It's your call.

Havenít filled out a bracket? What are you waiting for?
Look beyond 'culture fit' when hiring
Stanford Business Insights
Some people will fit your company's culture from the start. Others won't. Just don't write the latter off too quickly.
3 ways to lead a pack of complainers
Leadership Freak
Would you like some cheese with that whine? On second thought, curb complaining altogether with these actionable tips.
How to know when better profit margins aren't better for your company
McKinsey & Company
Cost cuts or price increases might boost earnings in the short term. But is that what's best long term? Maybe not.
How to get time on your side
Strategy + Business
"I used to believe that timing is everything," writes best-selling author Daniel Pink. "Now I believe that everything is timing." We'll let him explain.

Raise your hand if you love Daniel Pink. Us too! Here he explains the right time to drink a cup of coffee. You know you're intrigued.
The new tax bill and what nonprofits should know right now
Association Trends
Exempt organizations are not exempt from sweeping changes brought on by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Start planning for these provisions.
Reverse sales tax audit for manufacturers: The tax-saving measure you could be missing
Leaving your sales tax payments to chance can be a costly risk. If you're not sure of your obligations, a reverse sales tax audit and utility study should be part of your 2018 tax plan.
CFOs say automation is negating need for Excel skills
CPA Practice Advisor
These days, Excel proficiency is assumed. Savvy CPAs should refocus their skillsets on automation initiatives.
Our obsession with working hard is ruining our productivity
Fast Company
Working hard or hardly working? Before you answer that, remember that quantity is not the same as quality.
Maybe cities don't need tech hubs to succeed
Bloomberg View
Technology companies -- who needs 'em? Not Minnesota, don'tcha know! Here's why the Twin Cities continues to thrive despite our lack of tech company HQs.
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CPA Day at the Capitol
Thank you to the nearly 70 MNCPA members who made CPA Day at the Capitol a priority. Lawmakers recognize your expertise and value your opinions now more than ever.
CPA Day at the Capitol
Douglas Pilot, CPA of eCapital Advisors and Becky Keran, CPA of Health Fitness Corporation visit with Sen. Matt Klein.
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