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MAY 2018

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Happy Hour with DRIVE
YPG Happy Hour with DRIVE Emerging Leaders
Wednesday, May 9
4:30 - 6 p.m.
Pryes Brewing Company
Minneapolis, MN
YPG Summertime Cruise
Summertime Cruise with RMA and IIA
Tuesday, June 12
5 p.m.
Stillwater, MN
Taps and Trivia Night
Taps and Trivia Night
Monday, June 25
5 p.m.
Inbound BrewCo
"The fast path to networking is making friends with someone who already has a big network. Support their efforts, be a friend to them and ask them to introduce you to others. Some may automatically offer to do this for you. Others you may have to ask directly -- but don't ask until you have already given your support to them. They are more likely to say yes."
-- Gail Gardner, founder of
Find more tips from other networking superstars here.
How to speak up to people who intimidate you
Introvert, dear
Some people can be intimidating, but giving in to that fear can handicap your career in the long run. Step up, speak out and thrive.
7 traits of supremely productive employees
We know you want to be the best at what you do. Find out what it takes to achieve the gold standard when it comes to productivity.
How to deal with being viewed as too young for the job
Financial Management
Do you find yourself in an uphill battle of climbing the ranks quickly at a young age, or leading people who are much older than you? Fight the stigma of being "too inexperienced" with these tips.
Here's how to network without hating it, seriously
Yes, we know, the word "networking" makes you cringe. But it's an important skill to develop. This article tells you how to network effectively while having fun.

Put these skills into practice by joining the YPG, Risk Management Association and the Institute of Internal Auditors for a Summertime Cruise on the St. Croix. If that isn't fun, I don't know what is.
Imposter syndrome -- 5 ways to defeat self-doubt
Let's Grow Leaders
If someone hasn't told you lately: Yes, you are EXACTLY where you need to be. Know that for yourself and find out how to overcome those doubts.
How to delegate work (the definitive guide for successful leaders)
Delegation is always a challenge for new leaders. You don't want to be seen as shirking responsibilities, but you also need to make your teams feel productive and valued. This guide is an excellent resource for any new leaders out there.

Develop your leadership skills further by attending the new MNCPA Leadership Academy, led by Jon Lokhorst.
How to survive a meeting-filled day and still get your work done
The Muse
Back-to-back meetings are dominating your schedule and suddenly, you're sitting at your desk wondering where your day went and how the heck you're going to catch up on everything. Take control and stop chasing your tail.
This underappreciated job skill is all in your head
Fast Company
Spoiler alert: It's not critical thinking, but it's in the same vein.
* Trivia Challenge
One acre of soybeans can be made into how many crayons?
A. 82,368
B. 85,415
C. 75,413
D. 100,005
Want to know the answer? Look for the asterisk * at the bottom of the newsletter.
Leadership Academy
MNCPA Leadership Academy
You got this.

Be the confident, capable leader you know you can be. At the Leadership Academy, sharpen your skills in strategic thinking, people development, innovation and communication so you can excel in leadership roles and advance your career.

The Leadership Academy starts June 27!
View the schedule and program details
Public Service Award
Public Service Award is ideal career booster
Nomination deadline: June 15

When it comes to reputation-building, a little recognition goes a long way. Do you work with someone with a knack for giving back? Maybe that someone is you! Either way, consider submitting a nomination for the MNCPA Public Service Award. Winners are recognized in Footnote, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal and at the Celebrate CPAs Awards Luncheon.

Submit a nomination
Photo reel: YPG Kicks Off
Our 2018-19 YPG captains recently stopped by the MNCPA office to get the lowdown on what fun things we have in store for this year and had a little fun along the way, too.
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CPE for Young Professionals
Ethics Update and Case Studies (Webinar)
10 - 11:40 a.m. | Online | 2 CPE, 2 Ethics
Audit Workpapers: Documenting and Reviewing Fieldwork
AICPA member discount
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. | Bloomington | 8 CPE
24th Annual MNCPA Management & Business Advisers Conference (MBAC18)
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. | Minneapolis | 16 CPE, 7.5 Ethics
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*Trivia Challenge Answer: A. 82,368

Source: These 10 plants changed Minnesota forever
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