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AUG. 30, 2018
MNCPA developing 2019 legislative priorities

The Minnesota State Fair not only signifies summer is ending, but it also serves as a reminder that the 2019 legislative session is only four months away. In the next three months, the MNCPA Legislative Issues Committee will work to develop recommendations for the MNCPA board.

Your input is a valuable part of the process to make committee members aware of what's important to members.

There are several topics we believe will be addressed by the Legislature in 2019, including:
  • A tax on professional services.
  • Guidelines for the Office of the State Auditor (OSA) to follow when reviewing county audits conducted by CPA firms.
  • Federal tax conformity.
  • A taxpayer bill of rights, including the establishment of a private letter ruling program.
  • A new "retired" status for CPAs who meet certain criteria and aren't working in accounting.
Do you have topics for the committee to consider? Share them by emailing Geno Fragnito at
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More tax uncertainty

Minnesotans were left wondering what the 2019 filing season might look like after the 2018 tax bill was vetoed. Will there be conformity? Will it be retroactive? How painful will the filing season be for tax professionals and taxpayers?

Federal conformity has been on the MNCPA legislative agenda, and we expect it to be again in 2019.

The Minnesota Department of Revenue (DOR) has been working diligently to update forms, draft additional guidance and provide as many resources as they can. This month, they have provided updates to many frequently asked questions.

See the changes

You can find updates for each of the following topics.
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MNCPA members meet with congressional members

The MNCPA advocates for members at both the state and federal levels. Part of this effort includes engaging federal lawmakers to connect with their CPA constituents.

In August, MNCPA members from the Second and Third Congressional Districts had breakfast with their respective congressmen -- Reps. Jason Lewis and Erik Paulsen.

Each provided updates about their committees and issues before the 2018 Congress. Both indicated there could be a technical corrections tax bill before the end of the year, and each provided updates on tax reform, transportation, education and workforce development.

These breakfasts provided an opportunity for CPAs to meet and ask questions of their federal lawmakers. After the breakfasts, several CPAs also took the opportunity to ask questions one-on-one with their representatives.
Congressman Jason Lewis

Congressman Jason Lewis
Congressman Erik Paulsen

Congressman Erik Paulsen
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