Sponsor an MNCPA Event

Strengthen your brand recognition with a targeted buyer group – CPAs and accounting professionals – through the MNCPA Conference Sponsorship Program.

Your company will:

  • Gain exposure to an informed, affluent customer base.
  • Interact one-on-one with qualified, potential customers.
  • Generate leads through CPAs client network.
  • Save time and money with a marketing strategy that helps you successfully reach CPAs.

Sponsorship opportunities

Conference sponsorships
Conference sponsorship provides you with a number of marketing packages to choose from. These packages were carefully developed to offer you several ways to market your product or service. The packages are completely customizable based on your marketing objectives.

MNCPA member events
Are you interested in targeting a niche audience? You may want to consider other MNCPA member events.

Sponsor an educational webinar. Show your company’s expertise by providing an educational webinar to MNCPA members.

Why market to CPAs

Develop referrals from CPAs and financial decision makers
Marketing to professionals such as accountants, attorneys and doctors builds relationships that bring in other customers.