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Minnesota's new gift tax sparks questions for taxpayers - 3/17/2014
As part of a campaign to educate taxpayers on confusing, challenging and emerging tax issues, the Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants (MNCPA) offers filers important reminders and considerations related to Minnesota's new state gift tax.

Five steps to achieving your financial goals - 1/14/2014
What do you want to do now, or next year, or five or 10 years down the road? This is the time of year when people step back and consider where they stand and how close they are to achieving long-held goals. No matter what your objectives, there's no doubt that a sound financial plan will put you in a better position to achieve them, according to the Minnesota Society of CPAs.

Pump up your credit score! - 10/16/2013
Are you looking for a surefire solution that will lower the interest you pay on your mortgage, car loans, credit card accounts and other debt? If so, there's one easy answer: Raise your credit score. The Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants (MNCPA) offers the lowdown on why your credit score is important and how it can affect your financial life.

Refinancing your home: What you should know before you make your move - 8/18/2013
The United States housing market is perking up -- so, too, are mortgage rates. As home values rebound, homeowners are looking at options for refinancing their existing mortgages.

Tax tips for newlyweds - 6/16/2013
June is traditionally a time when couples tie the knot and, as is the case with so many major milestones in life, all newlyweds should be aware of the tax considerations associated with marriage. If you or a loved one is planning nuptials, the Minnesota Society of CPAs offers this advice on addressing the tax concerns.

Giving the gift of financial planning: A lifetime of financial knowledge wrapped up with a bow - 6/2/2013
June means longer days, the start of summer and invitations to weddings, graduation parties and maybe a baby shower or two. Stuck for ideas on what to give the newlyweds, graduates or new parents? This year, consider something nontraditional that will last a lifetime and never go out of style: a visit with a financial planner.

Five tips for living peacefully with 'boomerang kids' - 4/30/2013
Due to the recent recession and continuing economic weakness, more and more adult children are still living with their parents or have moved back in with them.

Is now a good time to buy or sell a home? - 4/30/2013
If you’ve been waiting on the sidelines to purchase a home, or to put yours on the market, has the time for action finally arrived?

Your next home: Should you buy or rent? - 7/1/2012
You’ve seen for sale signs on houses around town, and they’ve got you thinking. Maybe now is the time to declare independence from your landlord and buy your own home. Buying a house will be the largest investment you’re ever likely to make. Before you look for a house, the Minnesota Society of CPAs (MNCPA) recommends that you first analyze whether renting or buying makes the most sense for you.

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