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Corey Butler

Corey Butler is the MNCPA communications coordinator, focusing on providing timely and relevant content for members in both print and digital mediums. He's also the person behind the wildly successful Taxline, soon to be celebrating its 25th year. Corey keeps busy outside of the MNCPA spending time with his wife and children, co-hosting a radio show and podcast about Minnesota breweries and beer, coaching his daughter in hockey and finding many other ways be involved in his community. He enjoys the works of John Steinbeck and J.K Rowling, and Paul Bunyan and Robin Hood lore. Corey may be reached at 952-885-5533 or

Small-business owners: Receive free advice at Small Business Advisory Day
Jul. 16, 2018  |  By Corey Butler
Sure, a free lunch isn’t a guarantee, but we can provide some free advice -- truly. As a small-business owner, you’re used to juggling a lot of... Read more

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