Let's recognize Minnesota's newest CPAs

May 15, 2017  |  Stephanie Schmidt

From the day you were born, being noticed was engrained in your behavior.

  • When you took your first step, your parents gasped with excitement!
  • When you aced a spelling test, your teacher gave you a gold star.
  • When you graduated from high school, your parents threw you a party.

You didn't start walking or go to school for 13 years for the accolades, but it sure felt good that someone noticed.

That doesn't go away when you're an adult. Let's be honest, we all like some sort of recognition in both our personal and professional lives. It makes us feel good about the time and effort we've put into something. And, it connects us to those who are giving us praise.

In a recent Gallup workplace survey, data revealed the most memorable recognition comes most often from an employee's manager (28 percent), followed by a high-level leader or CEO (24 percent) and the manager's manager (12 percent).

Not all recognition has to be grand or public. Sometimes a simple email or a drive-by "attaboy" is all you need to feel appreciated.

And then there are times -- like earning your CPA certificate -- when a big, public recognition is not only appropriate, but welcome. You dreamed big, worked like crazy and NAILED IT!

On May 25, the MNCPA and CPAs throughout Minnesota will get together to honor Minnesota's newest CPAs at the 2017 Spring Recognition Dinner. The sole purpose of this event is to recognize the hard work and dedication of each new CPA in the room.

So, for the new CPAs out there, you've earned a night of celebration. Gather your colleagues, family and friends and enjoy the recognition you so richly deserve.

Employers, you remember what it's like to finally use those three little (yet, larger than life) letters after your name. Show your employees how proud you are of what they've accomplished. A little recognition goes a long way in making someone feel valued, building loyalty and reinforcing a positive culture.

I hope to see you on the 25th!

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Stephanie Schmidt

Stephanie Schmidt is the MNCPA’s director of membership and marketing. For more than 10 years, she has expertly managed numerous member programs and events. Her skillset comes in handy when also planning sleepovers and birthday parties for her family. Stephanie has also earned the MNCPA’s unofficial title of office fashionista. Step into her office and you’ll see her knack for fashion, design and décor. She’s also a hugger, which you’ll appreciate if you’re ever trapped in a scary escape room with her. Stephanie can be reached at 952-885-5523 or

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