Speak up to get what you want

Aug. 15, 2017  |  Lynn Kletscher

Confession: I am a fan of the McDonald’s Big Mac. Not the calories — just the awesome flavorful mix of the sesame seed bun, beef and, oh yes, the special sauce. That’s why I came up with the Mini Mac a few years ago. Something more manageable in size and caloric intake without sacrificing anything I loved.

Why didn’t you ever hear of the Mini Mac? Because I only told my spouse and a few random friends.

Much to my amazement, the Mac Jr. appeared on the menu earlier this year. It was everything I ever wanted in a Mac, minus the name of course. But only a few short months later, it was gone.

This made me think. What if I had shared my Mini Mac idea with McDonald’s? What if I had started a public outcry when I learned of the Mac Jr.’s fate? I will never know.

So, I ask: What do you want from the MNCPA or from the CPE programs you take? Have you shared your ideas or are you quietly waiting for change to happen on its own?

Here are three tips for getting what you want:

  1. Speak up. Unless you believe in mindreading, no one knows what you’re thinking unless you tell them — just like my Mini Mac. If you submit your ideas or concerns in writing, include your name and contact information. This lends credibility to your request and makes it easier for someone to follow up with you.
  2. Provide constructive feedback. When something isn’t up to par, say something. However, don’t stop short of explaining how a purchase didn’t meet your expectations or how it could have been better. This is also true for positive feedback. “They’re great” might work well in the world of Frosted Flakes, but it tells us nothing about what you really like. Is it the instructor’s examples or comprehensive materials? Is it the comfy chairs or multitude of beverage options?
  3. Assume nothing. If everyone assumes someone else has called 9-1-1 at the scene of an accident, lives might be lost. Even if someone has made the call, there’s no harm in redundancy. Same goes for feedback of any sort. In fact, there is strength in numbers. The more times an idea or concern is heard from a variety of people, the more likely someone is to act on it.

Case in point, based on requests and comments received from members in the past 18 months, the MNCPA has done the following:

  • Become a member of the NASBA National Registry of CPE Sponsors , allowing our CPE programs to be accepted in more states
  • Added powered and standing tables to our Education Center training rooms
  • Advocated for revisions to the proposed Board of Accountancy CPE rule changes, which should be finalized later this fall.

Don’t let your ideas succumb to the same fate as my Mini Mac. Fill out those evaluation forms, surveys and online reviews. Or better yet, leave a comment below or email me. Because maybe, just maybe, you might get what you want.

Topics: Education, MNCPA programs and activities

Lynn Kletscher

Lynn Kletscher is the MNCPA Director of Education, working to secure innovative and informative continuing education programs for CPAs. When she’s not researching the latest NASBA CPE rules, she is at her hobby farm tending to her horses and chickens. She is a fair-weather motorcyclist and a year-round fan of The Walking Dead. Next time you attend an MNCPA event or seminar, ask her about her zombie escape plan. Lynn can be reached at 952-885-5513 or

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