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May 2018

Delve into the May issue to find out more about the new Current Expected Credit Loss standard and other timely topics.

  • Common implementation issues with the new lease standard
  • How to navigate backdoor Roths
  • Confusion remains around digital sales tax

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April 2018

Get to know Becky Keran, the new MNCPA board chair, and read about diversity and inclusion programs, SOC reports, and state and local tax considerations for traveling employees.

  • State and local tax considerations for traveling employees
  • Reviews of employee benefit plan reviews
  • What CPAs need to know about SOC reporting

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February/March 2018

The February/March Footnote clues you in on items you may have not yet found in the new tax bill, delivering financial presentations, and how to deal with trust fund liabilities.

  • Surprises in the new tax law
  • Mentoring -- and how to successfully start your program
  • Businesses, individuals and trust fund liabilities

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