Peer Review Fees

Peer Review annual fees are billed to all firms enrolled in the peer review program who perform engagements subject to peer review. If a firm is in public accounting but does not perform attest and/or compilation engagements, no fee is required. The Peer Review Program is a self-supporting program. 

The evaluation fee is billed once every three years at the conclusion of the review.

Annual fee
Through March 31, 2018
(billed annually in Spring)
Evaluation fees
(billed at conclusion of review)

Sole practitioner:  $100

2-5 professionals*:  $225

6-10 professionals*:  $375

Over 10 professionals*:  $600

Engagement review:  $450

System review:  $600 plus $100 for each must-select industry** (up to $200 per firm)

**Must-select industries include carrying broker dealer and engagements subject to GAS, ERISA or FDICIA.

*Professional is defined as any staff member who spends at least 25% of their time performing services leading to the issuance of financial statements. This includes all personnel including leased and per diem employees who devote at least 25% of their time in performing audits, reviews, compilations, preparation of financial statements or other attest engagements, or those professionals who have partner/manager level responsibility for the overall supervision or review of such engagements.

Other fees

Nonmember firm fee: Nonmember firms are charged a $150 nonmember fee at the time of scheduling. This is in addition to the enrollment and evaluation fees.

Reinstatement fee: There is a $250 reinstatement fee for firms dropped or terminated for non-compliance with the peer review program (due at reinstatement).


For more information, contact Sabine Anderson, Peer Review Coordinator, at 952-885-5514 or