CCH Client Letters

You want to stay in touch with clients throughout the year, but who has the time to create personal letters? With CCH client letters, you don’t have to. MNCPA members have access to more than 400 customizable client letter templates, perfect for connecting with your customers.

Simply search a topic, download the letter and personalize it. Letters are reviewed and added regularly.

New: More than 50 client letters created specifically around the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Annual Review Letter
Send this letter in advance of a client's annual review meeting. It requests that the client update information to assist in preparation of financial and tax planning.

Tax breaks for commuting from a home office
Send this letter to clients who work out of their home, either in generating their principal source of income or in operating a part-time "sideline" business. Local transportation expenses for business appointments may be deductible if they are able to qualify their home as a principal place of business.

Individual estimated taxes
Send this letter to clients who are self-employed to notify them of the requirements for making estimated tax payments.

To access CCH Client Letters:

  1. Visit CCH Online Tax Research.
  2. Select Federal Tax option in the navigation menu on the far left side of the page.
  3. Select Federal Tax Practice Tools.
  4. Select Client Letter Toolkit.