YPG Member Profiles

Rachel Freeman
This YPG captain worked in Mexico for 10 weeks, and has Jason Derulo and Flume on her playlist. Find out more about Rachel. 

Mark Stang
Mark's advice for other young professionals: Go win the day! Find out how he does this in his life and career. 

Tony Swanson
Have you ever met anyone who swam with sharks, no cage included? Now you have. Learn more about Tony.

Megan Feltz
This YPG Captain participates in the Polar Plunge. Find out what else she does for fun. 

Rianna Cropp
This YPG Captain has visited 49 of the 50 states with her family. Find out which one she has left.

Therese Zona
This outdoorsy YPG captain trained in martial arts during college.

YPG Member Profiles

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