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Staff Directory

Get to know more about our team!


Amy Johnston
Membership Coordinator

"J’habitais en France pendant deux ans. J’aime les fran├žais et les fran├žais m’aiment."


Anna Decker
CPE Program Coordinator

"There's a board game out there for everyone, and chances are I've played it. So who's ready for game night?"


Anne Janotta Erickson
Marketing Manager

"A good play on words is pun-doubtedly the best."


Corey Butler
Marketing Manager

"'Muscles aching to work, minds aching to create — this is man.' — The Grapes of Wrath"


David Mastel
Information Technology Manager

"In the binary symphony of life, dare to dream and create a new tomorrow."


Deb Griffith
Conference Coordinator

"Go Iowa State Hawkeyes!"


Faye Hayhurst
Director of Finance and Administration Professional Ethics Coordinator

"Mr. Spock was a childhood hero of mine. Live long and prosper!"


Heidi Janssen
CPE Program Manager

"Chronic overpacker who loves to travel. Bonus points if the travel includes sunshine and the ocean."


Jodi Eiswirth
CPE Coordinator

"Pound is a workout everyone can enjoy. If you have a stressful day, Pound it out!"


Julia Shiota
Communications Coordinator

"I'm always writing — fiction, nonfiction, everything!"


Lauren Jones
Digital Production Specialist

"Dominates in Disney trivia; a coffee shop is my natural habitat."


Leslie Mueller
Strategic Partnership Specialist

"If I'm not walking my dogs, I am reading a good book whilst crunching on a healthy celery snack!"


Linda Wedul
President & CEO

"Volunteer with Can-Do-Canines to train service dogs for people with disabilities."


Lynn Kletscher
Director of Education

"I’m a Pepper. Wouldn’t you like to be a Pepper, too?"


Misty Garrick
Manager of Digital Strategies

"Super planner, native gardener, collage maker, cat lover. Aspires to greatness. Succumbs to mojitos."


Sabine Anderson
Accountant/Peer Review Coordinator



Stephanie Schmidt
Director of Membership and Marketing

"Crafting with colors and playing with power tools—my happy place!"


Sylvia Michels
Membership Coordinator

"Typically found growing gardens OR some awesome events for YPG members."


Tabitha McDonald
Senior Data Specialist

"Avid reader forever working through my TBR pile."


Theresa Weseman
Senior Graphic Designer

"Each brushstroke is another opportunity for me to be creative and connect with others."