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Katie Gabriel, CPA, board chair

Gabriel, KatieKatie Gabriel, a 14-year MNCPA member, is the chair of the board of directors. The board sets policy for the 8,000-member organization. Prior to assuming leadership of the board in April 2021, Gabriel served as board vice chair and secretary. She also served on many MNCPA committees and task forces, including the Management & Business Advisers Conference Task Force (as chair) and Young Professionals Group Leadership Committee (as chair).

Gabriel, who's a senior business development director with Salo, LLC, previously worked as an auditor before finding her passion in recruiting, training and business development, and transitioned to industry while maintaining her CPA license.

Outside of her professional life, Gabriel loves spending time with her husband and son, Eli, traveling the world and volunteering, and helping raise funds for organizations through her efforts as a benefit auctioneer.

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