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Student Ambassador Program

College student interacting with other on their campusThe Student Ambassador Program allows staff from the MNCPA to work directly with students to develop their leadership and networking skills. The 2023 student ambassadors will gain important career skills while connecting their peers to the MNCPA and all that student membership has to offer. 

What are ambassadors expected to do?

  • Direct classmates/accounting club members to the MNCPA exam, certification, and career resources
  • Join or assist in maintaining an accounting club at their university
  • Follow MNCPA Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram
  • A one-on-one orientation with the Membership Marketing Coordinator at your university
  • Check-In with MNCPA Membership Marketing Coordinator once a month
  • Goal is to help sign 10 students up for free MNCPA student memberships

What are the benefits of being an ambassador?

  • Gained leadership skills
  • A booster item on your resume
  • Professional headshots
  • MNCPA endorsement on LinkedIn
  • Networking opportunities
  • MNCPA swag items
  • 1-year of MNCPA membership FREE after graduation (must meet standard membership qualifications)
  • $100 gift card of choice at the end of the year
  • The ambassador accredited with the most new-student memberships will:
    • Receive a $250 Dell gift card
    • Have lunch with Linda Wedul-CEO and/or the MNCPA board chair.
    • Be recognized in Footnote Magazine

Interested? Apply to become a student ambassador today!

Spots are limited to one student per university.


Sylvia Michels