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Thursday, October 31, 2019

8:30am - 9:45am

Field of study Specialized Knowledge - Technical (1.5)
Description Valuation and litigation services are becoming a more significant portion of the public accounting model and the risks of practice are increasing accordingly. Understand critical workflow differences between these nontraditional services and those... Read more »

10:00am - 10:50am

Field of study Specialized Knowledge - Technical (1)
Description Nearly two years after its signing, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) continues to have significant impacts on businesses and their valuations. Examine these impacts in greater detail and discuss issues related to the valuation of pass-through... Read more »

10:55am - 12:10pm

Field of study Specialized Knowledge - Technical (1.5)
Description As professional methodology has advanced, some family limited partnerships (FLPs) may be considered complicated. Adopting a more analytical method for valuing them using the income and market approaches allows appraisers to more accurately and... Read more »
Field of study Behavioral Ethics - Non-Technical (1.5)
Description Accountants must adhere to ethical standards that exceed those of most professions, and in many instances, CPAs are subject to multiple codes of ethics, conduct and performance. In this timely session, explore the interrelated concepts of values and... Read more »

1:00pm - 2:15pm

Field of study Specialized Knowledge - Technical (1.5)
Description Buyers and sellers often disagree on the purchase price in a business acquisition. Earnouts are one way to bridge this gap and manage uncertainty regarding future performance of the target business. But, what are the implications from a practice... Read more »
Field of study Specialized Knowledge - Technical (1.5)
Description The Discount for Lack of Marketability (DLOM) is typically the biggest adjustment made during a valuation engagement and the most likely to be challenged. Dive into the DLOM in both theory and practicality. Examine the top methods currently used for... Read more »

2:30pm - 3:45pm

Field of study Specialized Knowledge - Technical (1.5)
Description Business succession agreements are critically important to business owners, lenders and customers. However, many businesses do not have any written agreement, and many that do have not reviewed or updated them since they were drafted. Waiting until... Read more »
Field of study Specialized Knowledge - Technical (1.5)
Description When it comes to business valuations, there are a variety of databases at your disposal for obtaining the information you need to make decisions. But which databases have what you need, and how do you use the information once you have it? Discuss... Read more »

3:50pm - 4:40pm

Field of study Business Law - Technical (1)
Description With 2019 quickly coming to a close, it’s time for an annual review of Minnesota court cases that have impacted the business valuation and litigation support professions. Dig into cases on a wide range of topics, including family law, shareholder... Read more »
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