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22WA-3453: Speaking for Impact (Webinar)

If you have questions about this event, please call us at 952-831-2707.

Date Monday, November 7, 2022
Time 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Central Time
Location Online
CPE credits CPE 4.0
of study
Personal Development - Non-Technical (1.0)
Communications and Marketing - Non-Technical (3.0)
Instructor Jonathan Robinson, MA, MFT
Jonathan Robinson
Standard Member Fee $129.00
Standard Nonmember Fee $129.00


In this course, you'll learn why being able to do public speaking well is a major advantage in becoming successful in your career. You'll learn how to write a good talk, how to present it well, and how to use your new found ability to get more clients and/or a promotion. In addition, you'll learn how to overcome your nervousness, and how to overcome stress in less than a minute.

Who should take this program?

This course is designed for all busniess professionals

Major subjects

  • Overcoming the Common Obstacles to Public Speaking
  • Fear of rejection/ failure and how to overcome
  • From Unconscious Incompetence to Unconscious Competence
  • Toastmasters and practicing by video
  • Act "As If,"
  • Do One Breath Technique to be more relaxed
  • Creating the Content of the Talk
  • What are the concerns of your audience?
  • Talks consist of a title, an introduction, an opening, a body of content, a conclusion and a closing
  • How to Deliver a Talk Effectively
  • The clothes you wear and how you look matter
  • Charisma = energy
  • Smile and act enthusiastic
  • Use self deprecating humor
  • Making the Talk Entertaining
  • Vary the speed of your delivery
  • The Power of stories
  • Memorization and Practice
  • Key word system and note cards
  • Practice thru video or get feedback through others
  • Creating Stories that Rock

Learning objective(s)

  • Know why pubic speaking is important
  • Know how to write a speech that informs and entertains
  • Know how to present a speech in a way that wows your audience
  • Know how to use this ability to rapidly expand your career


Course code Code 22WA-3453
Sponsor Business Professionals' Network, Inc.
NASBA ID#: 107810
Level Basic
Format Group Internet Based
Prerequisites Prereq. None

If you have questions about this event, please call us at 952-831-2707.