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22WA-3885: Creating a Coaching Culture in Your Company (Webinar)

If you have questions about this event, please call us at 952-831-2707.

Date Saturday, December 17, 2022
Time 10:00am - 12:55pm
Central Time
Location Online
CPE credits CPE 3.0
of study
Business Management & Organization - Non-Technical (3.0)
Standard Member Fee $99.00
Standard Nonmember Fee $99.00


This course explores the coaching principles, concepts, frameworks, techniques and competencies that will lead to a management style that emphasizes coaching as a style in lieu of a more autocratic or even more participative approach. The course illustrates how a coaching style leads to a highly desired company culture. This process takes the attendee through a coaching process that can be applied to various situations. Results from coaching are covered as are measuring the success of coaching. The attendee will walk away with the skills necessary to begin leading their company towards a coaching culture that will leave employees motivated and driven to higher levels of innovation from the empowerment of the new coaching culture.

Who should take this program?

All CPAs and other in Human Resource Professionals

Major subjects

  • What is and is Not Coaching
  • Definition of Culture and a Coaching Culture
  • Historical and Current Views of Coaching
  • Coaching Competencies
  • Solution Focused Coaching Framework
  • Coaching Culture Framework
  • Coaching Results
  • Measuring Success of Coaching

Learning objective(s)

  • To gain a better understanding of what is and what is not coaching
  • To gain a better understanding of historical and current views of coaching
  • To learn when coaching is needed
  • To learn the International Coach Federation Coaching Competencies
  • To learn a solution focused coaching framework and key associated techniques
  • To understand individual and business results from coaching
  • To better understand how the success of coaching can be measured
  • To learn the kind of desired company culture that can result from the coaching management style


Course code Code 22WA-3885
Sponsor Business Professionals' Network, Inc.
NASBA ID#: 107810
Level Basic
Format Group Internet Based
Prerequisites Prereq. None

If you have questions about this event, please call us at 952-831-2707.