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22WC-0954: Digital Currency Revolutions: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies (Webinar)

If you have questions about this event, please call us at 952-831-2707.

Date Friday, December 9, 2022
Time 10:00am - 1:30pm
Central Time
Location Online
CPE credits CPE 4.0
of study
Accounting - Technical (4.0)
Instructor Ronald Baker
VeraSage Institute
Standard Member Fee $149.00
Standard Nonmember Fee $199.00


Understand why digital currencies matter and how best to advise clients. A $100 investment in Bitcoins in 2010 would be worth over $75 million today. What created this unfathomable explosion in value? Each day over 1,000,000 unique Bitcoin transactions are processed. Companies of all sizes now accept Bitcoins as payment. Auditors, tax preparers and advisors must understand the changes orchestrated by Bitcoins and their digital currency cousins.

Who should take this program?

Accounting and financial professionals.

Major subjects

  • What is money and why cryptocurrencies matter
  • What is the blockchain and how its use is changing how business verifies transactions and values
  • How is cryptocurrency audited
  • What are the IRS rules relating to Bitcoin
  • Current update as to whether Bitcoin is moving towards money or will it remain viewed as property
  • Bitcoin alternatives, ICOs and their future global footprint

Learning objective(s)

  • Identify what a blockchain currency is and what it isn't.
  • Recognize how the IRS taxes Bitcoin.
  • Determine the current accounting and auditing best practices for digital currencies
  • Identify what a digital wallet is, how to create one, and how to exchange Bitcoins for dollars.
  • Understand the non-currency value of the Distributed Ledger Technology


Course code Code 22WC-0954
Sponsor CalCPA Education Foundation
NASBA ID#: 104822
Level Overview
Format Group Internet Based
Prerequisites Prereq. None

If you have questions about this event, please call us at 952-831-2707.