From wrong to right: Utilizing mistakes in the classroom
MNCPA Accounting Educator
MARCH 14, 2018
Use silence to your advantage
Faculty Focus
You pose a question to your classroom and then ... crickets. What do you do? Instead of rushing to fill the silence, embrace it. Learn about methods that encourage students to use this time for reflection and organizing thoughts.
Reactions to the revised CPA exam
Journal of Accountancy
What's the revised CPA exam really like? Hear feedback directly from the mouths of exam takers, covering the good, the bad and everything in between.
The benefits of doing it wrong
Chronicle Vitae
Encouraging students to make mistakes? Sounds iffy. But mistakes are how we learn, and asking students to make them can be a useful teaching tool.
5 easy strategies to help your candidates pass the CPA exam
AICPA Insights
With tests as difficult as the CPA exam, it's hard to know how to begin preparing. These five tips from a recent exam passer will help your candidates develop a sound exam strategy.
Student Conference
Accounting & Auditing Student Conference
Save the date!

Sept. 18 | Minneapolis Convention Center

As you start planning your fall class schedules, don't forget to save the date for the Accounting & Auditing Student Conference. Attendees can network with employers, receive one-on-one resume advice and learn about accounting careers. All accounting students are encouraged to attend, especially sophomores and juniors.

Go to conference website
Minnesota Society of Certified Public Accountants
1650 W. 82nd St., Suite 600, Bloomington, MN 55431
(p) 952-831-2707       (f) 952-831-7875
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