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What remote sellers should consider in the wake of Wayfair
South Dakota v. Wayfair is a landmark Supreme Court case in the world of sales and use taxes. Learn what will be required of remote sellers doing business across state lines. 

What Minnesota taxpayers need to know about nonconformity
Congress passed one of the most sweeping changes to the federal tax code in December 2017. But, Minnesota is still operating under the pre-tax reform code. What does this mean for you, your tax return and this coming tax season?

Tips for retirement planning at any age
Planning for your retirement can be intimidating. Use this guide for retirement planning tips, no matter where you are in the process.

5 things you need to know about tax-related identity theft
Tax ID theft still remains a major thorn in the side of many taxpayers. We put together a list of five things to understand to help protect you and your tax return.