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Small Business Advisory Days

Three Days, CPAs and You

The event is 10 a.m.–2 p.m the following days:

  • Tuesday, May 12 

  • Wednesday, May 13 

  • Thursday, May 14

What is it?

Small Business Advisory Days invites small-business owners to chat with a CPA online for up to 20 minutes — free of charge.

We understand now is a challenging time for many business owners, and we want to help navigate questions you may have considering:

  • Payroll 
  • Your business's health 
  • The Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)
  • The Economic Injury Disaster Loan program
  • Other funding mechanisms

How do I participate?

The event will be held virtually via Zoom. You will not need to create an account or download any software to connect with a CPA.

Appointments will not be scheduled. Interested business owners will be placed first come, first serve during event hours.


Contact MNCPA Communications Coordinator Corey Butler at to register for the event or for more information.

Event disclaimer

Participation in the MNCPA's Small Business Advisory Days is voluntary. By signing up, the attendee acknowledges that any information provided by the certified public accountant is intended to be general in nature and based on a 20-minute consultation and not on a full description of all relevant facts. Information received by the attendee is not intended or provided as specific tax or planning advice, nor intended as advice on the specific application or potential application to the attendee’s circumstances. Participation in this event does not create a client relationship with the certified public accountant or the certified public accountant’s firm, nor does it create a contract between the parties. Attendees who are party to a lawsuit or who owe taxes or penalties or who are subject to an audit by any taxing authority should consult their own accountant, attorney, or tax professional. The volunteer certified public accountant and their firms shall be free from all claims, damages or loss in connection with the general advice given during the event, attendee will hold harmless the volunteer they meet with during the event for all such claims, damages, or loss.