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MNCPA sets 2022 legislative agenda [MNCPA]
It’s imperative issues that affect the CPA profession and those you serve continue to get attention from lawmakers.

Making the most of LinkedIn during busy season
Building a few minutes of LinkedIn time into your daily and weekly routines will help you gain momentum and connections all year.

5 smart strategies to grow your business [MNCPA]
MNCPA partner, CPACharge, shares tips to increase revenue and enhance your client experience.

Empathy: A powerful business construct [MNCPA]
Dr. Shannon Rogers explains how she is eliciting loyalty with data-driven, empathetic user experiences.

6 ways marketing can help you recruit rock stars
Developing and implementing a solid recruiting/retention marketing strategy takes deliberate effort, but the sooner you start the sooner you will begin to see payoffs.

Putting your team in the mental position to accelerate change
You already know your team is vital to successful changes, put them in the place to drive it forward with confidence.

Boost your virtual networking power
Keep the foundational principles of networking in place and apply it to the virtual space.

5 tips to help you prune toxic clients [MNCPA]
At the end of the day, not every client is a great client. And having great clients at your firm keeps your firm profitable and your team happy.

Hanging your shingle [MNCPA]
Have you ever thought of running your own shop? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Does the thought of risk not scare you? Then making this move can be awesome.

The hand of private equity in accounting firms [MNCPA]
Private equity is reaching into the accounting world, but why — and what’s the trade-off for CPA firms?

Gather client experience data through effective interviews
Ask enough people about their expectations, and you can identify some universal themes about why they choose you. However, surveys can only do so much.

6 ways to show clients appreciation
Showing appreciation for others is a rare but powerful opportunity to build a relationship — and a brand.

Benchmarking as a service in CAAS practice
Benchmarking services empower our clients with the knowledge necessary to make strategic business decisions, and as their trusted advisers, we can help our clients achieve growth and improve profitability.

Minnesota’s Angel Tax Credit [MNCPA]
The Angel Tax Credit is an important tool for assisting small startup businesses across the state get a foothold in the capital markets. Read about the latest developments.

Is there a silver lining to the Great Resignation?
Here are five recommendations to implement now to help mitigate a stressful busy season due to staff shortages.

Communication drives everything [MNCPA]
Adapt your communication style to meet others where they are.

How to grow a modern, scalable accounting firm in 2022 [MNCPA]
While change can create challenges, it can also open the door to more opportunities. Here are seven tactics to help your firm stay competitive in 2022 and beyond.

Business as unusual
Employers are faced with changing traditional ways of addressing employment issues and short-term solutions are not likely to help.

5 critical technologies for 2022 [MNCPA]
With so many new and emerging technologies available, it can be challenging to identify those that can have an immediate, positive impact on your bottom line.

CPA firms: Expect the unexpected [MNCPA]
Don’t forget to incorporate the BOA rules into your succession-planning discussion. Doing so will help you to avoid complications, especially if non-CPA owners are involved.

The importance of employer branding [MNCPA]
A dive into what an employer brand is, how to build your employer branding strategy and how to promote it to attract high-quality candidates.

Add HRAs to your client’s tax planning toolkit
With a wage war in many sectors, what more can employers provide to tip the balance for staff retention?

Nuts and bolts of cryptocurrency taxation [MNCPA]
The inclusion of the virtual currency question on the front and center of Form 1040 have made cryptocurrency a subject that tax practitioners cannot afford to ignore anymore.

Best practices for digital ad campaigns
You can’t control how people search for your services, but using digital ads regularly can help you build brand awareness and a more detailed profile of qualified leads.

Is an ESOP the right exit strategy for you?
Though ESOPs can be relatively complex, they are often an excellent succession tool for a seller that can provide significant tax and intangible benefits.

The life and times of a networking zealot [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

Client centricity leads to profitability
Becoming client centric requires an investment in training and retooling, but the return on your investment will be immediate and significant.

How to leverage referrals in this virtual world
Thankfully, there are options that exist to bring in new business from behind your desk.

Are the details killing your company?
What are you doing to ensure that every member of your team pays attention to the little details that send big messages about your organization?

3 ways to improve digital marketing campaigns
Now that more firms are exploring and launching digital marketing activities, let’s look at three ways to help CPAs get real digital leads.

Business Perspective: Thomson Reuters [MNCPA]
While this can sound daunting, there are three key elements you’ll want to include in your conversation with clients when talking about advisory.

Maintaining and enhancing client engagement now and in the future [MNCPA]
Thankfully, there are several actions you can take (that don’t require you to log into Zoom) to maintain a high level of client service from afar.

The state of mergers and acquisitions [MNCPA]
With the M&A market finally slowing down at the end of 2019, the global pandemic and resulting market volatility appear to be accelerating the slowdown.

Dealing with return-to-work stress
As more workers transition back to the office, what can organizations do to plan for a safe, comfortable transition?

The future of business etiquette and communications
Whether for health reasons or due to multiple physical offices and markets, leaders must use new messaging to breach the physical divide and keep their relationships close.

How accountants can improve a business’s COVID-19 recovery and resilience [MNCPA]
The economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic turned many accountants into emergency workers. Accountants were called upon to help triage financial hemorrhaging due to lost customers.

Keep your pipeline alive now so you can thrive later [MNCPA]
With much of the world in disarray and businesses feeling like they are in limbo because of COVID-19, it may seem like the wrong time to focus attention on business development at your firm. It's not.

Nothing is status quo during the COVID-19 pandemic, including how you communicate
Do a communications gut check. Take five minutes to audit yourself and reflect on whether you’ve communicated with the audiences most important to you lately and, if so, how

COVID-19 pandemic turns CPAs into emergency workers
Many people think that accountants are just rational unfeeling counting machines who operate completely on logic and reason.

Positioning an organization to survive and thrive during an economic downturn [MNCPA]
In times of economic uncertainty, it’s imperative for businesses to know how and where to play it safe and double down in order to not only survive, but grow.

5 easy ways to increase new business during busy season
Your clients are right in front of you during busy season and at various times throughout the year. You can build marketing and business development into those conversations for cross-servicing and referrals.

Client centricity creates a path to profitability
Many firms think they know what their clients want, but scarcely do. In short, most client-centric service strategies produce neither the “wow” factor nor the profits.

Learning the ropes: A tale of attending client meetings with a mentor
Teaching less experienced staff members how to work client meetings is a win all around for the team.

How high-growth accounting firms are outperforming their competitors
Well, while there may not be a magical “sauce” that leads to instant growth, our research has discovered a few common threads that lead to high growth for accounting firms.

3 fresh approaches to employee surveys for branding
Your employees have a lot to tell you, but only if you ask the right questions to the right employees.

MNCPA Perspectives blog posts

Promoting CPAs in a time of complexity, crisis
CPAs have been relied upon more than ever for their expert decision-making skills. As Donny Shimamoto put it, the pandemic turned CPAs into emergency workers helping families and business owners...

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