Succession planning for high-level financial roles [MNCPA]
Executives aren’t always thinking about succession planning. In a Robert Half survey, nearly half (48%) of CFOs polled said they have yet to identify a successor for their position.

Alternative financing options for businesses [MNCPA]
The rise of the “private debt market” since The Great Recession is well-documented, but what does this mean for private and public CPAs? Simply, it means options for your company or clients.

What does the future of the profession look like? [MNCPA]
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues.

Minnesota has a CPA exam ‘gender gap’ [MNCPA]
The gender gap in public accounting is real — and it is a significant problem for the profession.

Top considerations for employment agreements
Contract negotiations can be difficult, lengthy and, at times, costly. But, with a well-designed employment agreement, you’re able to reduce or eliminate litigation and prolonged issues. Here are the top 10 considerations when negotiating an employment agreement.

Successful negotiating in corporate America
Use these principles of improv to get better results from your negotiations, whether you're discussing salaries, contracts or everyday workplace decisions.

8 questions for entrepreneurial accountants
Ask yourself these eight questions to get your organization on track.

Calculated risks enhance clients' experiences
Changing the structure of the traditional accounting firm also enhances employees' experiences

3 common generational stereotypes
Reconsider what you "know" about your colleagues

How might it be in 2023 and how to get there — part 2
The CPA profession is undergoing the most significant transformation ever in the next five-plus years! This is an exciting time for all of us -- at every level. It is also a time of concern for leaders as they make decisions about their firm's future direction.

Hiring in a tight labor market
The only thing worse than hiring an employee who doesn't work is having to go through the process all over again. This is especially true in the current labor market, where demand for talent is high, and the number of people able to "fit the bill" is more limited.

Engaging partners in the firm's future
Partners are the culture in a professional services firm -- what they believe, what they reward, what they do and how they do it determines what and how things get done. And, if they don't believe in what the firm is doing, they will never be effective role models who think about the firm first and actively bring the whole of the firm's services to their clients.

How might it be in 2023 and how to get there
Our CPA profession will undergo the most significant disruption and transformation ever during the next five-plus years! Take a moment to think about that statement. This is an exciting time for all of us -- at every level. It is also a time of concern for leaders as they make decisions about their firm's future direction.

Employee expense reimbursements: Legitimate or fraudulent?
Expense reimbursement schemes fall within a subset of fraudulent disbursements underneath the "asset misappropriation" umbrella. So, what exactly are expense reimbursement schemes, how do they occur, which type of organization is most vulnerable, and most importantly, what are the best practices organizations can adopt to reduce their risk of these fraud schemes?

A contract game [MNCPA]
Combing through contracts is a learned skill, and one for which many CPAs are not initially prepped.

A data breach: What (you have) to do when the worst happens [MNCPA]
Did you know private businesses accounted for 50 percent of all data breaches in 2018?

Creating change with orange folders [MNCPA]
If there’s one universal truth in this world, it’s this: Creating change in an organization can be difficult.

Mentoring -- and how to successfully start your program [MNCPA]
The topic of mentoring garners a lot of interest these days. Given the continuing talent shortage that many organizations are fighting, initiatives for mentoring/coaching are popping up everywhere.

Unlocking creativity with discipline [MNCPA]
You may think creativity and accounting mix as well as oil and water. But, what if I told you that your performance and business could improve by strengthening your creative mind?

MNCPA Perspectives blog posts

Keeping up with the pace of change
In Justin Trudeau's 2018 Davos address, he said the now-famous line, "The pace of change has never been this fast, yet it will never be this slow again."

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