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MNCPA Legislative Achievements

Year  Achievements 
2016-2017 - Passed legislation updating Department of Revenue residency factors
- Exempted CPAs from new regulations for unlicensed tax preparers
- Passed legislation bringing Minnesota’s estate tax closer to federal conformity 
2015 - Passed legislation updating Minnesota’s definition of attest services 
2014 - Passed legislation clarifying the application of the digital goods tax
- Repealed business-to-business and gift taxes passed in 2013 
2013 - Defeated a proposal to add a tax on accounting and professional services 
- Passed a CPA exemption to the private detective regulations 
- Passed a CPA exemption to bonding requirements for estate settlement
2012 - Defeated occupational licensing legislation that would have negatively impacted CPA licensing.
2011 - Passed limited estate tax conformity
2010 - Passed legislation requiring a training and mentoring program for new Department of Revenue audit compliance initiatives 
2009 - Defeated proposals to extend sales tax to accounting services 
2008 - Passed mobility 
- Passed legislation making the renewal process more efficient
2007 - Supported passing federal conformity 
- Defeated proposals impacting the CPA designation
2006 - Passed changes to the AMT – exemptions increased 50% and in 2007 exemptions are indexed for inflation
2005 - Passed AMT reform in legislature, but the Governor failed to sign it into law 
- Achieved first breakthrough in changing AMT - the 1% limit on charitable contributions was eliminated
2004 - Passed legislation allowing CPAs to bid on county audits
2003 - Proposed and passed tort reform legislation
2002 - Defeated legislation that limited CPA scope or practice in services to non-profit and SEC clients
2001 - The Uniform Accountancy Act (UAA) passed 
- Defeated proposal on sales tax for professional services
2000 - 150 hour rule passed (RAPs were a part of this)