Tort Reform

Updated July 2019

The issue

During the 2019 legislative session tort reform was not seriously considered. Bills were introduced and a few were heard in committee but not passed into law. It is important for CPAs to continue educating legislators on the impact tort laws have on the profession, the businesses you work for and the clients you represent.

Why you should care 

Tort reform and accountant liability statutes impact the way the CPA profession operates. Tort laws impact CPAs working in business and industry as well as CPAs working in public accounting. It can also affect your ability to work with current clients or recruit perspective clients.

Changes sought by the MNCPA include:

  • Reducing the statute of limitations from six years to four years.
  • Reducing pre-/post-judgment interest rates on judgments awarded by the courts.
  • Changes to appeal bond statutes.

Influencing positive change

MN State Capitol

With the help of your donations to the MNCPA PAC, we have had great success at the Capitol throughout the past decade.

Reasons to contribute:

  • Carry a unified message on CPA issues to legislators.
  • Raise CPAs' visibility at the Capitol.
  • Continue the proven track record of success.

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