Occupational licensing

Updated July 2019

The issue

Professional licensing regulations generally are in place to provide for public protection and signify a license holder has completed the minimum competency standards required to hold a license. Anti-licensing initiatives around the country continue to challenge the need and value of licensing.

A diverse coalition of interested parties support the legislation, but for different reasons. On one side are groups looking to reduce the barriers to entry and make it easier for job seekers to find employment. On the other side are groups opposed to government regulation and seeking a reduction or elimination of regulations. 

The CPA profession is not specifically targeted by the proposals. The proposals include all professions, don’t differentiate between trades and professions, and have swept CPAs into the conversation. 

Legislation was introduced in 2019 but no legislative hearings were held.
Legislators have indicated they intend to discuss this issue in 2020.

Why you should care

As proposed, the occupational licensing regulations could affect CPA licensure and mobility. Making it difficult — if not impossible — for Minnesota CPAs to work in other states without first obtaining a license in each state.

What you can do

Contact your legislators and ask them to oppose occupational licensing legislation that would threaten substantial equivalency and CPA mobility.

Influencing positive change

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