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MNCPA Member Awards

2023–24 winners

Distinguished Service Award

Recognizes members who have provided an exceptional amount of service to the MNCPA over an extended time period, as well as extraordinary contributions that exceed normal expectations. This is the highest MNCPA member award.


  • Chris Piché, CPA

Excellence in Professional Development Award

Recognizes members who have developed unique MNCPA educational programming, in turn, receiving high ratings and elevating the professional development of attendees.


  • Dan Kidney, CPA, JD

Volunteer Excellence Award

Recognizes members who have volunteered for 5 years and provided leadership or significant contributions to the MNCPA.


  • Michelle L Hoffman, CPA
  • Kris N Blackburn, CPA
  • Cynthia A Wrecza, CPA
  • Michael A Crabtree, CPA, JD

Outstanding Contributor Award

Recognize members for outstanding volunteer contributions to MNCPA programs which contribute to the success of the members and support the accounting profession within a one-year period.


  • Julie R Richardson, CPA
  • Molly L Schaffer, CPA
  • Valeria S Giefer-Fossa, CPA
  • Joy M Shealer Orson, CPA

Legacy Award

Recognizes long-standing MNCPA members (minimum 20 years of membership) who have made significant contributions to the accounting profession through volunteer activities at the MNCPA.


  • Barbara A Beltrand, MLS, MBA, CPA
  • Tom Boehme, CPA,MBA
  • Carolee A Lindsey, CPA
  • Thomas P Margarit, CPA,MBA,CGMA
  • Douglas J Nesbit, CPA,MBA
  • Robert A Sannerud, MBA, CPA, CGMA

Friend of the profession

Recognizes non-CPAs who have provided exceptional support to the CPA profession and/or MNCPA, enabling CPAs to succeed professionally and/or the MNCPA to better serve the membership.


  • Eve R Borenstein, JD