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Business & Industry Member Award

Updated: Feb. 26, 2019

Help the MNCPA recognize the professional accomplishments of CPAs in business and industry.

Whether you work with or simply know a CPA who has made a crowning achievement within their career, we want to hear about it. Nominate them for this year's MNCPA Business & Industry Member Award.

Professional achievements could include but are not limited to:

  • Financial turnaround.
  • Going public.
  • Merger or acquisition.
  • Company reorganization.
  • Implementation of a new accounting system.
  • Uncovering fraud within an organization.
  • Implementing sustainability.
  • Improving financial operations.
  • Strategic leadership.

Nominate a CPA

Award eligibility

This members-only award recognizes the professional achievements of corporate CPAs. Candidates will be evaluated based on their significant achievements made over the previous five years. 

Note: This award focuses on professional accomplishments. Charitable works will be considered under the  MNCPA Public Service Award.

A nominee must:

  • be a CPA.
  • be an MNCPA member in good standing.
  • be employed in business and industry.
  • hold an active or inactive CPA certificate.
  • lead by example and demonstrate a commitment to their organization and profession.

Nomination process

To nominate a CPA, complete a very brief online form. Following the nomination period, all nominees will be contacted individually to provide further details. Award winners will be recognized at the Celebrate CPAs Awards Luncheon in September.

Nomination deadline: May 17, 2019

Access the MNCPA Member Directory to confirm the membership status of a CPA. Or call MNCPA customer service at 952-831-2707. 

Nominate a CPA


Contact Anne Janotta Erickson at 952-885-5524 or by email