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Volunteering | MNCPA Accounting Opportunities Week

Share the potential of the CPA profession with high school students during this dedicated week of classroom visits

We need volunteer CPAs like you!

More about the event

Are you interested in helping grow the CPA pipeline by sharing the possibilities of the accounting profession with high school students? Participate in this national campaign to bring CPAs to high school classrooms during the week of Nov. 6-10, 2023.

We're looking for volunteers to help fill classroom requests. Volunteering will not guarantee placement. If placed, the MNCPA will provide materials and schedule you for a 30-minute presentation. A training session will be available before your presentation.

Interested in volunteering?

Email to share your interest in volunteering during Accounting Opportunities Week. Please share your name and geographic area or specific schools near you.

Volunteer resources

The following resources are designed to guide your discussion:

Classroom opportunities throughout the year

If you want to volunteer in a classroom to talk about the profession but are unable to participate during Accounting Opportunities Week, please check out other classroom opportunities through other MNCPA programs.