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Back to School Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is back in session!

Join the mission to excite students about the CPA profession. Check out a few great opportunities to connect with the future’s best and brightest.

Talk to the Students

Bring the energy about the profession to the classroom and share the endless opportunities available in the CPA profession. You’ll speak about hot topics including careers in accounting and the CPA credential.

We will contact nearby volunteers when a speaker request is received. The MNCPA will take care of creating the content and providing materials.

BestPrep Volunteer

MNCPA proudly partners with BestPrep, a nonprofit dedicated to preparing students with business, career and financial literacy skills. MNCPA volunteers bring BestPrep’s prepared content to life in classrooms throughout Minnesota.

When BestPrep receives requests in your community they will work with you to schedule an ideal date and time for you to present.

Student Mentor Directory

College accounting students are seeking career guidance, knowledge and advice from current professionals. Join the student mentor directory to connect with aspiring professionals alike. Popular topics include career path exploration, the CPA exam and interview prep.

As a student mentor, your name, position and years of experience will be listed within the online Student Mentor Directory. Students can search this directory and reach out to you directly.

Ready to volunteer? 

Send a note to and we will connect you to the opportunities that interest you most.