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Professional Standards Volunteer Opportunities

Peer Review Committee

The Peer Review Committee evaluates the results of MNCPA conducted peer reviews and determines the need for corrective action. Committee members attend five 1-2 hours meetings, once in May and then alternating months between June and January.  Members are also assigned individual reviews to examine, which is done outside of meetings.
Qualifications: Manager or partner in a public accounting firm that received a pass rating in its most recent peer review. A 2-day training course on "How to Conduct A Review Under the AICPA Practice-Monitoring Program," must be completed either prior to or within one year of joining the committee.

Time commitment: 15-20 hours annually

Professional Ethics Committee

The Professional Ethics Committee works jointly with the AICPA to interpret, enforce and publicize the profession’s ethical standards.  The committee meets nine times each year to discuss, receive and consider complaints against members charged with violation of any rules of professional conduct. Between meetings, the committee conducts investigations, answers periodic questions related to ethics, and publishes a monthly Q&A column in the Footnote. Administrative assistance is provided.
Time commitment: 10-30 hours annually

Reasons to volunteer

Here are three important business reasons you and your firm should be volunteering:

  • Network. The most essential part of any business.
  • Show your stuff. Volunteering and community service show potential customers the integrity of your company and demonstrates the quality of your work.
  • Get attention. No better way to get positive PR exposure, and attracting new customers doesn’t hurt either.