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The MNCPA is committed to be your first source of information, education and connectivity regardless of what stage you're at in your career or what career path you've chosen.

Public accountants
Accounting is your work but it's also your business. Connect with potential clients and find employees with our recruiting tools. Cut costs with members-only savings on useful business services to help you grow your firm. 

Business & industry CPAs
As a CPA in business & industry, you rely on more than your finance skills to succeed. Because of the many hats you wear, you need vast resources that will help you lead. The MNCPA provides unique tools for corporate CPAs, helping you to be the best in your industry.

Your reputation as an educator is just as important as that of CPA in public practice. Joining the MNCPA demonstrates your commitment to the accounting profession and ensures that you have the most recent information about accounting careers, the CPA exam and current issues that are facing the accounting profession. 

Government & not-for-profit CPAs
Over 300 MNCPA members play a key role in not-for-profits and governmental entities. If you are one of them, the MNCPA offers a set of programs that are designed especially for you. 

Young professionals
Professional networking is critical for career advancement. The YPG provides a relaxed environment for you to develop leadership skills and make connections that will help you now and down the road.

Your CPA certificate is property. Protect it!

The MNCPA works closely with the Minnesota Board of Accountancy, allowing us to alert members when changes are coming to BOA rules and regulations. Safeguard your certificate by staying one step ahead with notices from the MNCPA.
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Dues rates vary based on your experience, industry and position.