Management and Business Advisers Conference

B Sessions

Thursday, June 13,
9:10 - 10:25 a.m.

B1. CFO Panel
Room: L100E

Speaker(s): Kara Hanson, Kelly Larson, Lisa Miller, Lance Radziej
NASBA field of study: Business Management & Organization - Non-Technical (1.5)

As a CFO, you’re often faced with challenges that impact every level of your organization, from staff recruitment and retention to conflicts and legal issues. Here’s your chance to hear useful advice straight from the experts. In this interactive session, get practical guidance on common issues facing CFOs, controllers and finance professionals. Ask your questions the old-fashioned way or submit them via your mobile device, where you can also vote for questions from other audience members.

Room: L100E, Lower Level | View map

B2. SALT After Wayfair
Room: M100G

Speaker(s): Masha Yevzelman
NASBA field of study: Taxes - Technical (1.5)

The U.S. Supreme Court’s Wayfair decision has completely altered the state-level tax landscape. Journey down the road to Wayfair and examine states’ reactions to the decision, the resulting state law and administrative changes and how taxpayers should confront current uncertainties. Hear about post-Wayfair trends when it comes to economic nexus thresholds for sales and use tax purposes and marketplace provider laws. Plus, understand how the Wayfair decision impacts other tax types, such as income and withholding.

Room: M100G, Mezzanine Level | View map

B3. The Age of Privacy: Examining the Impact of Regulations and High-Profile Breaches
Room: M100D

Speaker(s): Joel Wuesthoff
NASBA field of study: Information Technology - Technical (1.5)

Finance and accounting professionals are often at the center of an organization’s governance initiatives. And with the passage of the General Data Protection Act (GDPR) in the European Union, the 2020 compliance obligation imposed by the California Consumer Privacy Act and the many U.S. Congressional committee hearings focusing on the need for a broad federal law targeting privacy rights, the Age of Privacy is here. Dive into the latest regulations around privacy, establish strategies for identifying and containing potentially devastating penalties and lawsuits, and understand the tensions between data monetization and individual privacy rights.

Room: M100D, Mezzanine Level | View map

B4. Improving Reporting With PivotTables and Power Pivot
Room: M100B

Speaker(s): Thomas Stephens
NASBA field of study: Computer Software & Applications - Non-Technical (1.5)

Many professionals are aware of PivotTables and the reporting power they offer, but if you don’t have familiarity with Power Pivot, you’re missing out on unparalleled reporting options. Get a brief overview of PivotTables and delve into Power Pivot to query data and create and manage data models for your PivotTables. Understand how Power Query differs from Power Pivot and learn how to take advantage of Power Query features such as Key Performance Indicators and user-defined calculations. Come away with the knowledge to make your reports more effective than ever.

Room: M100B, Mezzanine Level | View map

B5. National Economic Update: How Did We Get Here?
Room: L100C

Speaker(s): Dr. Christopher Kuehl
NASBA field of study: Economics - Technical (1.5)

We’re halfway through the year and it’s time to take a look at the economy. Is inflation the threat it was expected to be? Should you be worried about the return of a recession? What impacts have trade wars had on U.S. economic growth? Get the answers to these questions and more in this timely session. Gain an understanding of the relationship between inflation and action on interest rates. Learn what role trade plays in the U.S. economy and how global and U.S. economic growth are connected. Plus, with elections looming, see what could be on the horizon for economic policy.

Room: L100C, Lower Level | View map

B6. Better Meetings: Make Meetings Fun and Productive
Room: M101

Speaker(s): Don Minges
NASBA field of study: Personal Development - Non-Technical (1.5)

Was your last meeting a waste of time? Did it prevent you from getting work done? If you answered YES to either of these questions, your business may suffer from unproductive meetings. So what can you do about it? Discover tried and true tactics to lead productive meetings that are also fun, understand how to identify alternatives to standard meetings and develop an action plan to implement your newfound skills back at the office, whether you’re in the C-suite or just starting your career.

Room: M101, Mezzanine Level | View map

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