Management and Business Advisers Conference

E Sessions

Thursday, June 13,
2:35 p.m. - 3:25 p.m.

E1. State of the Profession: How Digitization is Changing the CFO's Role
Room: M100B

Speaker(s): Ash Noah
NASBA field of study: Business Management & Organization - Non-Technical (1)

Technology is fundamentally reshaping business models and redesigning how customers interact with your company, while data and digitization have strategic implications that impact its viability. If you want to survive, your organization must undergo a successful digital transformation. Using research conducted by the AICPA, examine how the role of the CFO, the shape of the finance organization and the mindsets of finance professionals are all changing in response to this evolving digital landscape.

Room: M100B, Mezzanine Level | View map

E2. Deciphering Contracts
Room: M100D

Speaker(s): Jeffrey Waldron
NASBA field of study: Business Management & Organization - Non-Technical (1)

Conceptually, a contract is very simple: it is an exchange of promises. But you know that things are rarely as simple as they seem. Dig into the nuts and bolts of contracts to increase your understanding of these documents as well as better advise clients who are interacting with them. Explore how to break down a contract, make sense of its parts, identify trouble spots and understand potential risks. Come away with a methodology for analyzing a contract and its components.

Room: M100D, Mezzanine Level | View map

E3. Passwords, Passwords, Passwords! How to Manage the Keys to the Kingdom
Room: M100G

Speaker(s): Randall Romes
NASBA field of study: Information Technology - Technical (1)

As organizations have migrated more of their operations, applications and data management to cloud-hosted services, cybercriminals have increased their efforts to obtain user credentials as a means to steal data. In this timely session, explore your options for password management, from manual methods to software and designated applications. Understand the benefits and drawbacks of multi-factor authentication, two-factor authentication and single-factor authentication. Develop strategies for your personal passwords and for your organization to better mitigate the risks of poor password selection and management.

Room: M100G, Mezzanine Level | View map

E4. Hardware Update: What You Need to Know
Room: M101

Speaker(s): Thomas Stephens
NASBA field of study: Information Technology - Technical (1)

Despite the emergence of cloud-based and virtual computing options, hardware remains a critical component of every professional’s technology landscape. Computers, printers, servers, mobile devices and even peripheral devices like the lowly mouse can all impact productivity and security. Identify key features in devices that are not only desirable, but can improve data security and privacy. Come away with the skills to create an effective hardware strategy for 2019 – and beyond.

Room: M101, Mezzanine Level | View map

E5. Emotional Intelligence
Room: L100E

Speaker(s): Dr. Michael Kiefer
NASBA field of study: Personal Development - Non-Technical (1)

What is emotional intelligence, or EQ? Can a person’s EQ determine their career success? Find the answers to these questions and others as you discover how to define emotional intelligence, explore how motivation and EQ drive career success and understand the differences between EQ and IQ. Dive into real-world case studies illustrating these concepts. Plus, boost your personal EQ score by honing your commitment, initiative and optimism skills.

Room: L100E, Lower Level | View map

E6. Current Issues in Ethics
Room: L100C

Speaker(s): Boz Bostrom
NASBA field of study: Regulatory Ethics - Technical (1)

Whether you’re in public practice or industry, you’re beholden to an array of ethical regulations which, if violated, can result in professional or legal consequences. It’s up to you to know the rules, protect yourself and stay compliant. Refamiliarize yourself with the AICPA Code of Conduct, learn which laws and rules must be followed by CPAs, and gain insights on common violations that occur. Understand potential consequences of ethical violations and how you can avoid making them.

Room: L100C, Lower Level | View map

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