Management and Business Advisers Conference

E Sessions

Tuesday, June 23,
1:45 p.m. - 3 p.m.

E1. Incorporating Non-Financial Metrics Into Budgeting and Planning

Speaker(s): Donny Shimamoto
NASBA field of study: Finance - Technical (1.5)

Too often organizations focus their budgeting and planning efforts around the financial aspects of an organization, but most operations people and business managers operate in a world where revenues and expenses are only a small part of their work. Discover how your organization can improve the effectiveness of its planning process by identifying non-financial metrics that drive financial results and incorporating them into budgeting and planning models.

E2. My Favorite Hacking Exploits and What You Can Do to Detect or Prevent Them

Speaker(s): Kenneth Zoline
NASBA field of study: Information Technology - Technical (1.5)

History has shown that even the most impenetrable security measures can be breached by clever attackers. The same holds true for cybersecurity. Cybercriminals know how to side-step your regulatory IT security controls and security products. Learn about common hacking techniques and how to detect and prevent them. Discover new ways to protect your data and systems from cyberattacks.