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I Sessions

Friday, June 14,
10:45 a.m. - Noon

I1. They Want Us to Do What? A FASB and SEC Update
Room: L100E

Speaker(s): Leah Donti
NASBA field of study: Accounting - Technical (1.5)

2019 is proving to be another busy year for FASB and the SEC. New updates, standards and guidance are here. Make sure you know which changes will impact you and your work. In this informative session for CPAs in both industry and public practice, delve into the latest issues facing private and public companies. See what’s effective in 2019, recent developments with the new lease standard, fair value measurement changes and more. Plus, get up to date on SEC practice issues.

Room: L100E, Lower Level | View map

I2. How to Manage an Outsourced Tax Function
Room: M101

Speaker(s): Mark Bakko, David Olson, Mark Sellner, Samantha Wimmer
NASBA field of study: Business Management & Organization - Non-Technical (1.5)

Is your organization considering outsourcing its tax function? Look before you leap and find out what it takes to manage an outsourced tax function. Hear from both in-house managers and outside service providers as they discuss the costs and benefits of outsourcing income tax, sales tax and property tax functions. Understand the potential risks and how to budget for outsourcing these tax functions as well as payroll and benefits administration. Come away with a better understanding of whether outsourcing your tax, payroll and benefits functions is the right decision for your business.

Room: M101, Mezzanine Level | View map

I3. Process Mining
Room: M100G

Speaker(s): Sriram Velicheti
NASBA field of study: Information Technology - Technical (1.5)

Process mining is a Big Data technology that analyzes and advises you on how to improve your processes based on data generated in your organization – in real time. See how to get started with process mining, potential use cases and how to best leverage this smart technology. Examine the associated benefits, understand how to achieve a high and fast ROI and learn how to avoid long implementation times. Get the information you need to discover, monitor and improve real processes in your department or company.

Room: M100G, Mezzanine Level | View map

I4. Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Accounting and Auditing
Room: M100B

Speaker(s): Donny Shimamoto
NASBA field of study: Information Technology - Technical (1.5)

Headlines everywhere have heralded artificial intelligence (AI) as the end of the accounting profession. In reality, it presents an opportunity for accountants and auditors to automate routine procedures and focus on delivering more value-added insights. But it’s not without its risks. Learn how to properly manage an AI function and how to ensure there are proper controls in place. Be aware of the operational and financial risks associated with AI. Explore the implications to the accounting profession and identify the needed skills for becoming an AI-enabled accountant or auditor.

Room: M100B, Mezzanine Level | View map

I5. Leading Workgroups Through Change
Room: M100D

Speaker(s): Michael Gregory
NASBA field of study: Personal Development - Non-Technical (1.5)

For some people and organizations, “change” can be a four-letter word. But it doesn’t have to be. Discover the skills you need to lead your team through change. Dive deep into the processes that promote collaboration, such as de-escalation, communication, conversation and listening. Find out how to anticipate – and address – resistance to change. Gain valuable tools that will allow you to navigate personal and professional change, whether you’re experiencing it or managing it.

Room: M100D, Mezzanine Level | View map

I6. Creating an Ethical Organizational Culture
Room: L100C

Speaker(s): Bret Hood
NASBA field of study: Behavioral Ethics - Non-Technical (1.5)

How do you create an ethical organization from top to bottom? How can you improve organizational culture and increase employee engagement? Discuss, debate and delve into what it takes to improve the ethical profile of your organization. Understand how the tone at the top can affect the rest of the organization. Evaluate methods to prevent ethical decisions from becoming business decisions. Assess the effects of competition and rivalry on unethical behavior. Develop methods to increase performance and intrinsic motivation without inadvertently leading employees to unethical behaviors.

Room: L100C, Lower Level | View map

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