Management and Business Advisers Conference

N Sessions

Thursday, June 25,
9:05 - 10:20 a.m.

N1. Reinventing the Office With Lean Processes

Speaker(s): James Lindell
NASBA field of study: Business Management & Organization - Non-Technical (1.5)

Accounting functions are inundated with requirements to be more efficient — automating processes, making things easier, doing more with less. Examine ways to achieve efficiencies that can help you stay competitive and explore the latest trends while also avoiding new costs and eliminate existing unnecessary expenses.

N2. Annual HR and Compliance Check-Up

Speaker(s): Larry Morgan
NASBA field of study: Business Law - Technical (1.5)

Each year brings new changes and challenges to employment law compliance. Get the latest updates and learn how they affect your company and employees. Learn about the Minnesota Wage Theft law, the SECURE Act, Department of Labor updates, and coronavirus and pandemic preparation, as well as changes to FLSA, Forms I-9 and W-4, RMDs. Plus, dive into recommended employee handbook updates and minimum wage.