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MNCPA Marketplace: Deals & Discounts

Airplane taking off from a runwayUse your MNCPA membership to save on travel, attractions, shopping and more.

Deals change weekly and include:

  • Travel: hotels, car rental, airfare, cruises
  • Tickets: local and national theme parks, including Disney, Valleyfair, Nickelodeon Universe
  • Local events, concerts, sporting events, movies
  • Limited and seasonal offers from well-known brands, including:
    • Apple
    • Sam’s Club
    • Total Wine
    • Blue Apron
  • Shopping, dining, self-care and more!

Sign up and save:

The MNCPA has partnered with Working Advantage to offer this benefit to members.

First-time users will be prompted to create an account. Once logged in, users can update their email preferences.

Visit MNCPA Marketplace: Deals & Discounts
(Requires member login)

How to update your email preferences and frequency:

Follow these steps to adjust your MNCPA marketplace email settings, including frequency and deal categories. 

  1. Log in to MNCPA Marketplace.
  2. Go to My Profile Dashboard. Choose Email Subscriptions from the drop down menu.
  3. Update your preferences, including email frequency, notifications and reminders.


Contact the MNCPA membership department at 952-831-2707 or with questions about this member benefit.

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