Free Professional Email Account for MNCPA Members

Receive a free email account ending with Benefits include: 

  • Permanent. Statistically you will have five to seven career moves in your lifetime. This professional email address will stay with you, no matter where you work.
  • Professional. If you are currently looking for a new position, this email address will sound more professional than or
  • Image. If you are a sole practitioner or have your own business, this professional address reflects positively on your business's image.
  • Convenience. Your account has web-based access so that you can check your email from any web browser.
  • Protection. Your emails will be scanned by three programs for viruses and checked for spam. Emails that don't pass through these tests will be quarantined, allowing you to review the email without infecting your personal computer system.

Setting up your free email account

  1. Select a username and password. 
  2. Call the membership department at 952-831-2707 x2 to request your account.

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