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CPE Log Changes and Enhancements

Updated June 11, 2021

Recent enhancements have made the CPE Log better than ever. Use this summary to better understand what has changed.

In My Account go to CPE LogAccess - modification

  • Before: CPE Log, along with transcript and BOA Summary, accessed via single My CPE Credits link under My Account
  • After: CPE Log, transcript and BOA Summary accessed via separate links under My Account

Documentation on file - enhancement

Documentation on file

  • Before: Two options:
    • Yes, I have received documentation for the course sponsor
    • No
  • After: Three options provide better clarification on where documentation is stored:
    • Yes, I’ll save it in my CPE Log
    • Yes, I’ll save it elsewhere
    • No

Documentation upload - fix

  • Before: New in 2020, temporarily available March – August
  • After: Functionality restored -- upload one file (PDF, Word, Excel) up to 2MB per course
  • ACTION: If you uploaded any documentation prior to June 2021, please review your CPE Log entries to ensure your documentation is still available. If you believe documentation is missing, please contact MNCPA customer service at

Documentation notes - enhancement

  • Before: Not available
  • After: Ability to add documentation notes

MNCPA and MNCPA partner programs entered by MNCPA - enhancement

  • Before: Not editable by you
  • After: Partially editable by you -- CPE year, Yellow Book credits, course notes, documentation, documentation notes

Credit carryback - enhancement

Choosing CPE year

  • Before: Not available
  • After: Ability to edit CPE year in which credits are applied
  • NOTE: You may carry back CPE if you pay the required BOA CPE noncompliance fees. Carryback hours can only be counted in the CPE year in which they are applied.

Your CPE Credits list - enhancement

  • Before: Only includes programs entered by you
  • After:
    • Includes programs entered by the MNCPA and programs entered by you
    • Additional info displayed -- carry back, added by (MNCPA or you) and doc on file columns
  • ACTION: If you attended any MNCPA or MNCPA partner programs between March 2020 and June 2021, please review your CPE Log entries to ensure you didn’t add any duplicate entries.
Your CPE credits list

Export to Excel - update

  • Before: Export your CPE Log records to an Excel file
  • After: New fields added to export -- CPE year, carry back, document name and document notes

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