Invest in YOU

February 26, 2018  |  Lynn Kletscher

Invest in YOU

There is no YOU on the New York Stock Exchange. But maybe there should be.

Companies invest thousands (if not millions) of dollars in product development. I’m glad they do! If they didn’t, my car might still have crank windows, an eight-track player and a compass glued to the dashboard.

Companies also invest as much (or more) in infrastructure. I doubt even the slowest technology adopters are still running large desktop computers with MS-DOS and Lotus 1-2-3.

And people like you and me invest in these companies.

Which makes me wonder -- why, oh why, don’t companies invest more in YOU? And why don’t you invest more in YOU?

Until robots with artificial intelligence rule the world, people are a company’s greatest asset. They create the products, deliver the service, and run the whole show. If people don’t have the latest knowledge and skills, companies fall behind. YOU lose market value.

Here’s another way of looking at it. Think of your skillset as an investment portfolio. To maximize its value, you need to:

  • Diversify. The world is constantly changing. Today’s skills may be obsolete tomorrow, so don’t limit your continuing education experiences. Instead, branch out into related and complementary fields to ensure you’re prepared for – and can lead others into – the future.
  • Rebalance. Careers seldom travel a straight trajectory. What happens when you take on more responsibilities, change positions or get promoted? These are the ideal times to take stock (no pun intended!) of the skills you have and the ones you lack. For example, if you’re a new manager or aspiring partner, you might consider enrolling in a leadership program.
  • Maximize ROI. In CPE-dom, it’s easy to get caught up in counting credits. But it’s really about learning and, more importantly, applying what you’ve learned. Your training investment should help you reduce risks, work more effectively or open the door to new opportunities.

I challenge everyone, me included, to turn up the dial on investing in YOU, even if it’s not on the NYSE. Take a workshop, attend a webinar, go to a lunch-and-learn. Research a topic, write an article (or blog!), read a book. Find a mentor, be a mentor, teach a class.

While most companies are already investing in product development and infrastructure, the really great ones are also investing in the minds of their people.

To them, I say thank you. Thank you for my car’s power windows and GPS navigation. Thank you for my portable laptop with Windows 10 and Excel. And thank you for investing in YOU.

P.S. Looking for new ways to invest in YOU? Check out this year’s CPE offerings from the MNCPA.

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Lynn Kletscher

Lynn Kletscher is the MNCPA director of education, working to secure innovative and informative continuing education programs for CPAs. When she’s not researching the latest NASBA CPE rules, she is at her hobby farm tending to her horses and chickens. She is a fair-weather motorcyclist and a year-round fan of The Walking Dead. Next time you attend an MNCPA event or seminar, ask her about her zombie escape plan. Lynn can be reached at 952-885-5513 or

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