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Shining the spotlight on the CPA profession

November 5, 2018  |  Carolyn LaViolette

Shining the spotlight on the CPA profession

The curtain goes up. The overture plays the songs that have become oh-so familiar to me. I stand in the wings, anticipating my entrance on stage. My itchy hat and too-tight shoes don’t quell my excitement and focus. I’ve spent months preparing for this night. I’m ready. The music stops, and I hear my cue. The show has begun.

These are the memories that flood my mind when I think back to my high school days in the theater department. For many people, the thought of being on stage singing and dancing evokes feelings of dread. But, for me, theater brings immense joy whether I’m on the stage or in the audience.

Maybe the spotlight isn’t for you. But that’s not to say your expertise and work ethic shouldn’t be in the spotlight for the public to connect with and to understand. And, lucky for our members, the MNCPA provides a public relations benefit that showcases the CPA profession without you having to memorize lines or perform a song and dance number.

Enter Tax Campaign, the show that stars you. 

Starting now and throughout tax season, the MNCPA will shine the spotlight on our members and the work they do for their clients. From tax planning to business-advisory services, Tax Campaign promotes CPAs as the most trusted, most ethical and most reliable professionals in the tax and accounting world.

Here’s the cast of characters:

  • Digital advertisements. When someone searches the internet for a CPA, they’ll receive an ad directing them to the MNCPA’s CPA Referral Service. From there, users can search for CPA firms based on services and location. Make sure your firm is listed.
  • Media stories. From tax reform to nonconformity, the media has been grappling to understand these complex tax topics. Enter our CPA spokespeople, talking with reporters about how these issues impact Minnesota taxpayers. Check out our latest news features.    
  • Free client brochures. This popular member benefit is back and ready for its closeup. MNCPA members can order as many as 100 free copies of each brochure topic: tax planning and preparation, estate planning, and financial statement services. Contact the MNCPA to see if there are any available. 

Places, everyone! It’s time to complete our sound checks and dim the lights. Tax Campaign is beginning, and we’re ready to shine the spotlight on you.

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Carolyn LaViolette

Carolyn LaViolette is the MNCPA communications manager, working to enhance members’ professional reputations through content, media relations and public affairs. She is also the MNCPA’s unofficial pianist and has tickled the ivories at multiple MNCPA events. Outside of her love for writing and music, Carolyn spends her time playing with her two daughters, attending Tommie football games with her husband, and memorizing the lyrics to musicals. If you can’t get tickets to Hamilton, she is happy to sing the soundtrack for you. Carolyn can be reached at 952-885-5530 or claviolette@mncpa.org.

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