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February/March 2017

Delve into fraud issues facing firms and not-for-profits in the February/March Footnote.

  • MNvest: What it means for capital seekers
  • Fraud investigation for small firms
  • When fraud causes a not-for-profit to close its doors

The case of Mick's participant son
Charles Selcer, CPA, MBA
MNCPA member Chuck Selcer shares his knowledge about ethics requirements and laws with unique humorous fictitious stories.

It's that time of year ...
Christine A. Piché, CPA
Get insight and news from MNCPA leadership about the organization and professional issues. The Inkwell is the MNCPA Board Chair’s message to members.

MNvest: What it means for capital seekers
Zachary Robins, Esq., Winthrop & Weinstine, P.A.
Learn about Minnesota's newly created securities exemption, MNvest, and understand how you, can help clients gain access to the capital they need for their growing businesses.

Fraud investigation for small firms
Tracy L. Coenen, CPA, CFF, forensic accountant and fraud investigator, Sequence Inc.
The growth in forensic accounting and fraud investigation specialties has led accounting firms of all sizes to expand their practices to these areas.

When fraud causes a not-for-profit to close its doors
Charlie Blanton, CPA, director of governmental and nonprofit product development, Surgent Professional Education
Let's look at some practical fraud prevention and detection measures that any not-for-profit can implement, including those with limited resources.

So, that was a bit awkward ...
Corey Butler, MNCPA communications coordinator
In the annual MNCPA Tax Survey, we asked public practitioners to share their awkward encounters with clients.

Some firms struggle to implement SSARS 21
Jason Frick, CPA, CFE, Copeland Buhl & Company PLLP
We all make mistakes. Some are avoidable, as the MNCPA General Industries Task Force discovered.

The CPE audit 1 percent
Anne Janotta Erickson, MNCPA senior business & industry marketing coordinator
Learn about important news from the Minnesota Board of Accountancy. Monthly topics include rules, CPE requirements, CPA exam information, licensing, and more.

MNCPA 2017 legislative agenda set: residency factors, conformity continue as priorities
Geno Fragnito, MNCPA director of government relations
Find out about key issues the MNCPA is monitoring at the Capitol. Stay current on legislative news and events with stories, tips and grassroots involvement.