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Create space to soul search

Chair's Message

Rebecca Keran, CPA, MBA, CGMA | December/January 2018-19 Footnote

Tis the season.

It's that time again when you pair working long hours to stay on top of year-end with commitments to your family, social gatherings and volunteering. Oh, and who are we kidding -- there needs to be some time squirreled away for holiday shopping, too. It's easy to overcommit yourself and become overwhelmed by your list. You no doubt will check it twice (or more).

At trying times like these, I think about great advice I heard from Amy Vetter, who spoke at this summer's MNCPA Candid Conversations About Women and Purpose. She said we all need to create space to soul search; you can't be in balance unless your work and life find harmony. It's important to spend your time on quality efforts and pursuits, allowing yourself to release your imagination. You need to look at your whole person -- wellness, joy, nutrition, sleep (yes, even sleep) -- to find full balance and contentment.

Instead of putting your head down and managing through this exceptionally busy time of year, take time for yourself. Think about what's important to you and take action on it, whether it's at work, home or out in the world. Schedule time on your calendar to do something you really enjoy -- something that, when you do it, time simply disappears.

One priority for me during the holidays is cross-country skiing. I take time whenever we have enough snow to head out to Lebanon Hills Park in Eagan to ski through the woods. I enjoy the sun shining through the bare branches, the challenge of skiing up and down those curvy hills, and breathing the crisp clean air.

When I get back to my car to drive home, I am always surprised to see how much time has passed. It's not just from a great workout, but also from the ability to step away momentarily from everything going on outside of my skiing environment. It gives me the time to contemplate what is really important -- what I truly need to do versus what I just have to do. I challenge you to take some time for yourself in the coming months.

Wishing each of you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Becky Keran, CPA, MBA, CGMA

Chair, MNCPA board of directors