PCPS Featured Tool

In partnership with the AICPA Private Companies Practice Section (PCPS), the MNCPA is excited to offer a free rotating practice management tool available every month. The tool will be available from the beginning of each month until the end of the month, at which time it will be replaced by another tool. Take advantage of this free resource by checking in frequently.

September 2018 featured tool

PCPS Client Evaluation Tool
As many of us start planning for busy season, an evaluation of your client list is a healthy process for firms of all sizes. A client's value is determined far beyond fees and timeliness of payments. Making a quantified judgment includes considerations such as job risk or complexity, client’s life cycle and additional potential services. This tool, part of the Trusted Client Adviser Toolbox, will help you identify the better clients of your firm who deserve more of your time and attention.

PCPS Client Evaluation Tool (Excel document)

About PCPS: PCPS is an add-on firm membership section within the AICPA. This tool is an example of the turnkey tools and solutions PCPS delivers. A PCPS firm membership at only $35 per CPA, up to a max of $700 per firm, it’s a great investment for the wealth of resources.

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