Young Professionals Group eNews


The Young Professionals Group (YPG) eNews is a monthly update for members of the MNCPA's Young Professionals Group. It is designed to provide young professionals and emerging leaders the tools they need for professional and personal success. The YPG eNews is sent to all MNCPA members who have passed the CPA exam within the past 10 years AND associate members (finance professionals preparing to take the CPA exam).

Issue date Title
11/5/2019 YPG eNews: Why your work bestie leaving the office isn't all doom and gloom
10/3/2019 YPG eNews: How to rebound from a big mistake
9/3/2019 YPG eNews: Do you have executive presence?
8/1/2019 YPG eNews: Defining your leadership brand
7/2/2019 YPG eNews: Is conference room air making you dumber?
6/7/2019 YPG eNews: How to be a more charismatic leader
5/2/2019 YPG eNews: Own your career by doing what?
4/18/2019 YPG eNews: Leadership is not a popularity contest
3/5/2019 YPG eNews: 4 things high performers do that others neglect
2/5/2019 YPG eNews: When you and your friend want the same promotion
1/8/2019 YPG eNews: This word can make or break your team
12/4/2018 YPG eNews: Stop taking fake breaks